About Us

Rising Sun Health food was initiated by Isabelle Fam and her late mother, Madame Puah Lay Eng.
Why do we choose a natural and organic shop? Isabelle's father was seeking treatment for skin problem. It had been 30 long years and there was no significant result. It was only through proper diet and detoxification that there was some visible improvement. From her father's testimony, she decided to venture into organic health food business.
Our vision was to start a healthy supply of organic food with a wide range of natural, organic produce and products for our clients.
Rising Sun Health food provides a one stop natural, organic  shop for customers 'convenience. In addition, our clients can also find organic vegetables, beverages and dried organic foods. Baby organic foods, natural skin care products, hygienic households products, cooking ingredients, essential oils, supplements and health improvements gadgets.
We aim to help clients, create awareness and educate them about their health food and to verify the reliability of the products.